Bad news for people looking for new jobs:

According to several reports, about 75% of resumes are rejected electronically before a human recruiter sees them. If your CV isn’t ATS-friendly, it’s unlikely that anyone will look at it.

Job seekers can be happy because that’s not the case.

In some papers you may have read, the term “ATS” refers to a scary parser that will throw away your tech CV in a minute if you don’t follow the rules. But it would help if you didn’t jump to believe it and didn’t pay the specialized firm for a resume that works well with ATS.

In this article, I’ll explain what applicant tracking systems (ATS) are and why you need a resume that they can quickly review.

What is the purpose of using an applicant tracking system?

Applicant tracking systems are software for human resources departments that help businesses find and hire the best candidates for open jobs. It collects and organizes thousands of resumes to make it easier for hiring managers to find the best candidates.

There are many ways for recruiting managers to use an ATS. Many people in charge of hiring give each resume a quick look. 7.4 seconds is how long it takes to do the first screening. To make a good impression in such a short time, you need a well-written ATS resume.

An applicant tracking system may look at resumes sent to a company to see if they fit the advertised job. Then, we give each application a score based on how well it meets the criteria. It makes it easier to find the best candidates. There are websites where people looking for work can check to see if an application tracking system will accept their resumes.

Keyword searches are often used to eliminate resumes sent to an ATS. The hiring manager puts a list of keywords into the system, and the software looks for them in each summary. You can find relevant keywords in the job description, which is a great place to start. 

Candidates can use ATS resume templates to find the most pertinent resumes for their desired job.

Reasons You Need An ATS Friendly Resume

A recruiting agency’s goals are twofold:

  • to expedite discovering and hiring the right talent and
  • to ensure that the recruited applicant and the picked organization are a good cultural match.

1. It frees up your schedule to focus on more critical tasks.

Time savings over manual application processing and hiring processes is the primary benefit of an automatic Applicant Tracking System.

Seventy-five per cent to eighty-eight per cent of applications usually aren’t even close to being adequate for the position. This procedure, which used to take hours, now takes seconds, thanks to eliminating time-consuming steps like manually posting or listing on job sites and screening out unnecessary applications.

2. Scalable Method for The Agency

The convenience of online postings, interview feedback, and other coordination services is also a boon to the customer. Just think of how much time you could save by consolidating your inboxes, spreadsheets, sticky notes, and calendars into one place!

3. Enhanced perspective on software applications

Your recruitment database should serve as a central repository for all relevant papers. Without leaving the system, you may quickly go between applications, review and evaluate several applicants, modify the status of a candidate, and shortlist and scan potential hires.

It also eliminates the possibility of a contribution being lost on someone’s desk.

4. Posting Jobs With Ease

With applicant tracking software, posting job vacancies on many sites are as easy as clicking a button.

You may automate the process rather than creating separate accounts on each social network to make the posting. You also don’t have to keep tabs on the efficacy of each social media site and each post.

Data analytics from all supported channels will be collected and compiled automatically.

You may add a jobs page to your website using an ATS like Recruit CRM. Then, you may utilize this page to compile electronic submissions.

You may also save costs significantly on advertising for new employees. The traffic to your job postings will increase once you start using these employment boards.

5. Reduced Hiring Expenses

Employing new staff is costly, and most companies do not have the resources to devote hundreds of dollars each hiring to the time-consuming and labor-intensive screening procedure.

Also, they can’t afford to waste time and money on incorrect resource hiring because of a sloppy application review procedure. This would end up costing a lot more.
According to Dautom, the most well-known specialist in the field, ATS is among the best and most cost-effective recruiting tools.

6. Improves Recruitment Process

A person who rises before the sun will have a better chance of succeeding.

Research shows that 80% of recruiters report a higher quality hiring after using an Applicant Tracking System.

A further study found that a resume for a qualified applicant has a shelf life of around ten days.

If you can shorten the time it takes to find and hire new employees, you can quickly steal away the best employees from your rivals.

7. Increased Cooperation Between Departments

Inadequate information and poor interaction between departments, such as your firm and the hiring manager, are primary challenges encountered throughout the recruiting process.

Using an ATS, the recruitment team may have better conversations with one other and with others who are helping them. As a bonus, you may use it to delegate duties orderly, plan many email messages in advance, and easily send out mass communications.

Every team member has the opportunity to weigh in with their thoughts on potential hires by scoring, rating each application, and leaving remarks.

Present-day ATSs often work with popular email and scheduling platforms like Gmail and Outlook. There will be less documentation and a more streamlined operation as a result.

8. Better, more rapid decision making

One misstep in the process of bringing on new employees for your client might have a significant impact on the company’s bottom line.

In a unified front, an Applicant Tracking System displays all submitted applications for review. For better and quicker choices, this is helpful.

9. Fosters teamwork in the hiring process

A corporation may have a systematic strategy for building a diverse staff through collaborative recruiting.

Integrations with cutting-edge applications simplify teamwork and are a standard feature of ATSs.

Human resources professionals, in-house recruiters, and agency recruiters may collaborate effectively by sharing information about each prospect and making informed decisions as a group.

10. Larger Potential Audience

If you can’t reach far and wide, you can’t hope to attract top talent.

Spreading one’s recruiting wings in the market and making it known to the hiring team how you’re searching for a suitable person is essential if a firm wants to employ the top applicants. As a result, broadening one’s horizons in the modern, cutthroat world is a challenging endeavour.

With the help of an ATS, you can find and connect with qualified individuals using search engine optimization strategies.

It has automatic connections to several social networking networks and employment boards, making it simple to get resumes from them.

Using an ATS gives you access to the social recruiting community. Social media interfaces are a standard feature of many applicant tracking systems (ATSs), such as Recruit CRM, allowing users to efficiently distribute job openings across several platforms with a single mouse click.


The truth is that utilizing an ATS resume system to generate a document that will pass muster with a hiring manager may seem like a daunting task. But the ATS-friendly CV is helpful even if your application isn’t being screened by one.

The applicant tracking system’s (ATS) search for a resume is analogous to human scanning. Make the CV that sneaks past the recruiter’s automatic screening software if you want your application to get serious consideration. Additionally, the human will be impressed by the ats-friendly résumé.

We leverage the power dynamics between people and technology to bring out the best of both. Be it team building with the right human resources or curating the most promising IT solutions for your company, we got you covered!


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