Hiring remote IT staff is one of the smartest ways going forward. It has been used extensively due to various reasons, some being:

  • Global Availability
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Employee Well Being
  • Massive Talent Pool
remote IT staffing

Why Partner with us?

 At Dautom we are focused on providing remote IT staffing solutions by connecting clients and qualified IT people for building a lasting work relationship. Partner with us to experience

Value-added services

We look forward for a long team association with our clients, hence we offer the best support and services

Qualified Talent

Our dedicated talent acquisition team sources the best profiles matching your exact requirements along with better experience.

Swift Talent Acquisition

Our vast pool of remote IT professionals and constant monitoring of talent availability results in fast submission of profiles.


We thrive to get the best result for you. Whether it be candidate replacement or duration change in the project, we are readily prepared to match your demands.

How we do it?

You don’t need just IT talent but also engaged professionals focused on your goals. Our experts will find the right IT people for you along with maintaining quality standards while sourcing, interviewing and onboarding.

Get in touch with us to experience the best remote IT staffing service