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Power your enterprise with simplified IT solutions!

Transform Your Company Ecosystem with Our End-To-End Technology Support

Our enterprise technology consulting helps you strike a balance between innovation, risk management and growth. Streamline the processes and explore cross-platform opportunities through customisation and integration. Optimise your company operations for upscaling with our leading-edge technology. Our expertise in data analytics, software and automation enables you to leverage human resources, IT infrastructure, customer services, sales, CRM, ERP, logistics and effective planning at scale.

Dautom IT Solution

SAP Solutions

Besides the Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics we also offer SAP solutions that include SAP Basis, SAP GRC, SAP FICO, SAP Fraud Management, Cloud management SAP HANA and many more.

Big Data and Analytics Solutions

Restructure, analyse and utilise data smartly for better business. Create an efficient data pipeline to overcome critical challenges. Track the data in use with our data analytics solutions. Incorporate the right infrastructure and put all your business technologies into use. With Dautom, prepare a growth roadmap by recognising the data that makes a difference. Combine the power of humans, machines and applications through big data.

Oracle Solutions

Cut on operational costs with efficient data management with our Oracle Solutions. Accessing all your applications without the threat of data breaches is now possible through our services. Let us help you build a secure and organised database for your enterprise. We specialise in Oracle Finance, Oracle CRM, Oracle HCM, Oracle Fusion, Oracle SCM, Oracle SOA, Oracle Apex and Oracle E-Business Suite.

CRM Solutions

Redefine customer experience with our dedicated CRM solutions. Here we offer Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics helps you increase your revenue, engage customers better, make instant improvements and boost productivity. 

Ready to Take the Next Big Leap?

We leverage the power dynamics between people and technology to bring out the best of both. Be it team building with the right human resources or curating the most promising IT solutions for your company, we got you covered!

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